5 Best Frozen Snacks Popular In Dubai 2022

Published on: Jun 16, 2022

5 Best Frozen Snacks Popular In Dubai 2022

The Dubai platter is a combination of Iranian, Lebanese and Arabic food and renders a delightful food experience. Dubai serves you the luscious flavors giving a foodgasm for every foodie. Some dishes will even make you feel home-like as they represent the tradition of their culture and make your stomach growl with hunger. 

UAE is one of the busiest nations in the world where consumers prefer to consume ready-to-eat products. The market for frozen food in UAE and bakery goods often goes unexplored paving the way for multinational companies to enter the domestic market and exploit the market. 

The advantageous frozen food technology ensures that the product remains fresh and nutritious bringing goodness to the consumer’s kitchen. The same principle is applied in the case of meat and seafood too. UAE is currently experiencing several developments that are increasing consumption levels of frozen food across the region. A growing presence of women in the workplace has led to increasing levels of frozen food sources as convenient. 


Pizza is everyone’s favorite and the most popular food type, made with the most authentic hand-stretched pizza dough, homemade tomato sauce and Italian mozzarella cheese. It may often be topped with premium olives and tomatoes. 

Spring Roll 

Spring roll is a convenient, ready-to-cook product. A fresh, ready-to-eat spring roll is perfect for a light snack or on-the-go meal. It has a unique combination of spring roll wrappers and fresh filling served best with a tangy, sweet and spicy sauce. As it is a frozen snack, it is a healthy option and gluten-free with zero cholesterol. This snack-type comes in the varieties of spring roll vegetables, spring roll cheese and spring roll chicken. 


Kibbeh is a dish perfectly hand made from a dough of meat and bulgur consisting of an exceptionally spiced filling of ground lamb, onion, and bulgur wheat. Kibbeh is one of the most popular middle eastern traditional snacks shaped into a ball or into a patty and served with yoghurt and tomato sauce. 


The samosa is a fried or baked dish made of a deep-fried or baked dough that is stuffed with cheese, spinach, and cheese zaatar, zinger, beef keema, labneh, and Punjabi Oman chips, eggplant or chicken filling. Samosas are usually an appetizer and are traditionally served with chutney, pickled dice and garlic.


A manakish is a type of Lebanese flatbread baked in an oven with a crispy crust and soft, doughy center. Manakish is baked in a traditional oven, topped with zaatar or cheese, oil, and a mixture of thyme, sumac, and sesame seeds. These are some, Dubai has an amazing range of the tastiest frozen food online to select from a variety of cuisines from around the world. 

The quick ready to heat and eat a snack for breakfast, lunch or dinner is the most amazing solution to satisfy all your cravings. The so served frozen snacks contain high nutrition value and rich traditional flavors preserving the true essence and authentic tastes of the most popular homemade recipes in the Middle East. For more read about: best bakery in dubai