5 Special trending fancy cakes in Dubai that you should know

Published on: Oct 19, 2022

5 Special trending fancy cakes in Dubai that you should know

In life, we need to have a dollop of sweetness to make the day brighter and more memorable. This is why the best cakes in Dubai are here to make your days better. For years, the humble cream filled tiered cakes has graced the best moments of life like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and so much more. This is why we thought if you have a great party coming around the corner, these five special trending fancy cakes in dubai are worth noting down. These are easily available for order via online portals or good bakeries near you. You can easily call and get them delivered to your home nowadays in the best packaging. Try these flavors and let us know which one happens to be your favorite.

Chocolate Mousse Cake

One of the most luxurious cakes happened to top our list this time. The decadent Chocolate Mousse Cake can be enjoyed in the best cake shops in Dubai throughout the year. For chocolate lovers, this is a haven in every spoonful. Only the best cake chefs usually try making this type of chocolate cake as the soft texture needs to be attained with care.

Red Velvet Cake

If Valentine's Day is all about red roses and chocolates, the Red Velvet cake will be the epitome of love in the form of sweet cakes. The rich color and the sweet delicate flavors wrapped in rich cream with a cherry soaked slice are happiness for all ages. If you are feeling a little down, always treat your tummy and mind with this fancy and royal cake.

Carrot Cake

Who says we can’t add a dollop of nutrition to our cakes? Well, we know you are frowning, but that is why carrot cakes are such a hit in the UAE today. The best cake shops deliver cakes in Abu Dhabi for various functions as this is one cake that old people, kids, and even fitness lovers love to treat., So, keep your guilt away and enjoy one of the most trending cakes on everyone’s sweet tooth list.

Vanilla Buttercream Cake

Some things always tag with tradition and that is how our love for the classic vanilla buttercream cake never seems to die. This flavor and the rich 3 tiered vanilla cake are almost a must have among the top listed wedding cakes in Dubai and that is because people love the mellow taste of this spice.

Chocolate Malteser Cake
Last on our deck of Customised cake in Dubai is the luxurious Chocolate Malteser Cake that can get our childish vibes turned on in no time. Who doesn’t love these tasty balls of chocolate? They are the quick go to snacks when you have a sudden sweet craving. When it is added to your cakes, the end result is a lovely smooth chocolate cake with loads of luscious milk chocolate cream and the crunch of these balls.
So try and enjoy the same.