Choose the perfect wedding cake flavours, all you need to know

Published on: Jun 25, 2022
Wedding cakes in Dubai are edible delights that ought to be cherished in every bite. If you have a wedding coming up, make sure to order some of the classic favourite cake flavours that every person will like to enjoy. Right here, we have listed out some ultimate cakes that will make a love story beautiful. Whether you are a lover of fresh fruits or even decadent chocolate, our masterpieces are perfect for your occasion.
Let’s head our way to incorporate some of the relished flavours to choose from when you feel like buying cakes online in Dubai. Sip along with some tea, have some snacks and make the moment a brilliant overdose of sweetness.

Rich Fruit Cake

Who says fruits need to meddle away with the Christmas season? For us, our esteemed clients have loved our rich fruit cakes that are filled with wholesome nuts, dry fruits, soaked in fruit syrups, and an optional dash of rum. To finish this vitamin-rich layered cake, we serve it with a light cream icing, that mellows down the sweetness of the cake. You can list down what you need in it, as we course the best dry fruits from International harvesters.

Red Velvet Cake

If it is a wedding, you ought to bite into the red velvet beauties. These look soft, moist, spongy, and just melt in the mouth. If you love the cheese and red velvet combo, this one will kick your happy vibes on in a second. The cakes are not overly sweet, but rich- just perfect to add oomph to the celebrations. Our confectioneries are the best if you plan to buy cake online Dubai, as we deliver the fresh cakes only.

White Chocolate Sponge Cake

Chocolate fan or milk fan? Well, we have the yummy white chocolate sponge three-tier cake. If you wish to enjoy more tiers, we love to give the couple some added sweetness. This is a light cake, with the delicate richness of melted white chocolate. You can enjoy the creamy chocolates along with the burst of fresh vanilla cake. This is ideal for weddings, engagement parties, and so on as it lends a royal feel.

Tropical Cake

If you are one who is smitten with fresh, juicy fruits, then we can help your wedding extra special. Just tap into the website, to order cake online, Dubai, and this time – you can see our tropical cake collection. It is loaded and layered with fresh tropical fruits and iced to perfection. Every bite will be rich in vitamins and totally light on the tummy. This is a heavenly combo of fruits and fresh cream.


Luscious Dark Chocolate Cake

The last one on our lovely cake deck is the Luscious Dark Chocolate Cake. This is a must-buy for w wedding cakes in Dubai, as this is the finest of decadent cakes you can get in Dubai. Weddings are not an everyday event, so go for the richest and finest – if you are a chocolate lover. We assure you that you will fall in love with this delectable cake. For more read about: best cake shops in ajman