Must-Try Traditional Sweets in UAE

Published on: May 26, 2022

The dish varieties are a must you need to see and experience in UAE.  Buy Arabic sweets online in the midst of everyone’s busy snapping, the spiciest and most traditional dishes, desserts and sweets will make your mouth water!

The traditional Arab sweets are sure to satisfy your sugar cravings and you will forget about being calorie conscious once you indulge yourself in them. Your dose of sweet indulgences in the Arab world has plenty of options to knock on. Savour the delightful, traditional sweets of the Arab world that also provide energy and calories to assist your body; also have been refined over the ages in order to reach their present form. UAE has some traditional sweets that will leave you drooling even a single bite of them will have you craving more. Here are the best traditional UAE sweets that you must try:


This is an Emarati grandmother recipe handed over to the next generation made of flour, dates, spices and honey. It is a spiced date cookie stuffed in a decorative mould with dates paste and crushed nuts and baked. 

Umm Nasar
Umm Nasar is one of the signature unique tastes among the UAE desserts, a simple, economical, and easy-to-make dish. Umm Nasar is a simple yet delicious dessert, a sweet treat made of sponge cake, milkmaid, thick cream, labneh, whipping cream, lotus cream, badam slice and almonds. It is the favourite snack of Emiratis, though a bit calorific, these are too good to resist.


Kunafa is an orange and yellow colour sweet made with noodle-like pastries or semolina strands and a cheesy filling is added inside, then dipped and soaked in sweet sugar syrup. Kunafa can contain cream cheese or mozzarella cheese to give you the stretchy cheese that seeps in the first bite. It can also be topped with nuts of your choice.


Basbousa is a simple syrup-soaked semolina cake served with almonds and made of semolina flour, butter, sugar, yoghurt, lemon juice, and coconut. Semolina is soaked in simple sugar syrup sometimes flavoured with coconut or rosewater and is served plain, with nuts, heavy cream or garnished with blanched almonds. 


Baklava renders you the taste of honey strands melting in your mouth. Buy Arabic sweets, UAE, a crispy and tender sweet treat best served with chopped nuts, raisins, and syrup.


Barazeks are crunchy cookies filled with roasted sesame seeds and pistachio chips made from fine sweet dough, very rich in butter.

Saffron Cake

The saffron cake started has been popular in the Middle East region. It’s such a good take with a base of sponge cake soaked in the sweetened milk and topped with saffron strands.

Lotus Baseema

Baseema is a sweet cake made from a base of semolina flour and coconut topped with coconut flakes. Lotus Baseema is an extension of Baseema that consists of lotus which is delicious and heavenly taste rich in flavour.

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